The Women’s Books Collection – All Four Women’s Reference Books on Vintage Clothing 1900-1939

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All 4 individual books will be provided, from our apparel guide on Edwardian clothing and accessories for women’s apparel from 1900-1909, our book covering 1910-1919 on the end of the Edwardian era up to the nineteen twenties, our book on the Roaring ’20s (1920-1929) and the “flapper” years of fabulous beaded dresses and adorable cloche hats, and concluding with our most comprehensive book of our series covering 1930-1939 in 504 pages for that decade alone!


  • 4 individual perfect-bound books
  • Each book 300-to-500 pages
  • Each book with 40+ chapters
  • Each book with Glossaries
  • Each book with Pronunciation guides
  • Each book with Bibliographies